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Discover the Gers

A south western Dolce vita tale

We can arrange or book tours for you

Discover the Gers

Go on a journey in our region.

You wish to discover the beautiful view we have in the Relais du Bastidou, to explore Gers and discover some of its many surprises. We are here to help you prepare your adventures.

Gers is, and has always been a hospitable land. In between the Garonne and the Pyrenees mountains, you shall have a unique experience here. Lazing around does not mean losing time, but enjoying it, be it for flavours or atmosphere. This calm environment is typically the one South western France is known for, a place where you can evade any thoughts or stress by taking a few steps outside.

There are plenty of times you will feel amazed, as the nature is as rich as the historical legacy and strong culture. You will also enjoy a local pleasure: the art of eating great and local products. If there is one word to describe Gers, it would most probably be “Generosity”. Generosity in your plate, in our handshakes, on a rugby field, and once the night is here, in the bars, on during our multiple village parties.

Gers is a place with honour, the most important things to our hearts are family, friends, savoir-faire, tasty food, enjoying life… basically what you could find as values in a rugby team. This ancestral way of thinking, a legacy from centuries ago, is still the same, or even getting better with age, like a good bottle of Armagnac. You shall feel relaxed, happy, or even in love with the atmosphere.

Gers knows its value: the sense of happiness!

Follow the path of those who once lived here, from lights to shades,
Gers invites you to discover the most beautiful places all year long.
Activities from the Gers’ Departmental committee

Here are a few one-day tours, where you can visit some small villages in the Gers.

Things to experience in the Gers

Gascon history, the best products from Gers, the most beautiful horizons… Discover the Gers.

Of course, there are many ways to visit the Gers, by walking, riding a horse, on a boat, with a canoe, as a group, alone or with your children. You just need to ask, and we will help you organise your trip.

You can also browse the local tourist office website to see more tours.