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Our producers

The dishes we prepare are all mainly made with products coming from producers working in the Gers, following high quality methods of breeding and cultivation.

Our restaurant is labelled “Table du Gers” a great quality guarantee

Our producers

Our homemade dishes are realized here with fresh products. We select mainly producers from the Gers region, who respect the traditional methods of breeding and cultivating, as it is a high-quality guarantee. Some vegetables and aromatic herbs come from our own vegetable patch, and the eggs are the ones our hens lay every morning. We also feed them with food wastes and peelings from the restaurant!

Fat duck, duck breasts, foie gras GPI GERS : Peres family, breeders, canners, and partakers of agroforestry methods in Saint Michel (32300).

Seasonal vegetables and fruits from Gers : Local and organic producers on the Marciac’s market, Plaisance, and our own organic vegetable patch.

Gers squabs : Thierry Barouillet from Projan (34000)

Local green asparagus : Véronique et Jean-Pierre Laffitte from Barcelonne du Gers (32720)

Local and organic ground endives : Christophe Schelfhaut from Tieste-Uragnoux (32160)

Noir de Bigorre cured meat : Sica du Porc Noir de Bigorre in Louey (65)

Malicon du Gers’ snails : Le Crusole, Montesquiou (32320)

Goat cheese from the farm : Patricia et François Pilleux, Chevrier Fromager. From Picharrots in Malabat (32730)

Farmer’s cheese : Mont Royal’s cheesemakers in St-Gaudens

Fresh cream and fresh butter : GAEC Irina from Haget (32730)

Tarbes beans, lentils, and organic colza oil : Philippe Verdier-Matayron in Herès (65700)

Organic poultry from the Gers : Simon Graf, Poc Farm, in Estipouy (32300)

Floc de Gascogne and Armagnac: : Bilé domain, Della Vedove family, in Bassoues (32320)

Homemade ice cream : : Philippe Faur, ice cream maker in Caumont (09000)

Lamb, pork, beef, and cured meats: Dubertrand’s butchery from Maubourguet (65700).


Pour organic vegetable patchprovides us with tomatoes, courgettes, bell peppers, raspberries, and plenty ofaromatic herbs.

If you crave for a vegan menu, feel free to ask, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.