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Our Gourmet’s table

Gascony specialities, and terroir cuisine

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Terroir cuisine

While respecting the seasonal nature of produce, and a world-known savoir-faire, the restaurant “Le Relais du Bastidou” labelled “Table du Gers” offers to explore the Gascony specialities, but also to have a taste of many fresh and organic vegetables from the Gers, fishes from the Pyrenees and wines from the Gers among other regions.

Many fantastic products, which have made a reputation for local chefs such as André Daguin, Michel Guérard or even Michel Sarran, are used and transformed by our chef René Thierry. Duck is the main element, and appears under many forms, such as Foie Gras, Confits, or magret. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, we have a Croustade with a crusty flaky pastry, and apples melting in your mouth. All this prepared by Fabienne. To digest a bit, we propose a local liquor, as an old Armagnac is always better than a hold, harm and nhac (“Bite”, in Occitan)

Why trying to search for greener grass when it grows under your feet ?

Our main provider is no-one else than our neighbour. A few steps away from our restaurant, Stéphanie and Christophe Masson produce great quality products, along with fresh and cured meats from Noir-de-Bigorre. Your Foie Gras or your magret is prepared in the “Patte d’Oie” farm, where ducks are raised patiently with agroforestry practices. Beef and lamb are coming from the butchery Dubertrand in Maubourguet, the organic chicken is raised by Simon Graf in the “Cocoribio” farm, and even the saffron is made in Gers.

Our vegetable patch gives us courgettes, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, chili peppers and aromatic herbs. Our chicken lay eggs, and help reducing food waste.

All the dishes prepared in the Relais du Bastidou are originating from selected products in Gascony, with producers and stock farmers who respect the animal, the culture, and the high-quality transformation techniques.

We aim at protecting organic products, local products, and slow food.

This goal requires great relationships with our neighbours, no matter what their field of expertise is: growers, vegetable farmers, arborists, breeders, wine growers or even Armagnac producers.

Every dish is elaborated depending on the season, the weather conditions, and what our providers think.

Our customers are dear to our hearts, and so is our region and the ones cultivating it.

Once the weather is clear and the temperature is right,
we propose you to try our menu on a terrace, the best thing to enjoy this natural and special environment.

The restaurant

You need to book for a table. The restaurant opens for evening service, Monday to Saturday, and Sunday lunchtime. During the week, the restaurant is open for lunch from 4 seats.

Our main provider
is our nearest neighbour

Fresh and cured meat of Noir de Bigorre… We are members of Slow food.. Wines, the other emblematic product of our region, will be perfect to be sipped with the meal you chose :Saint Mont, Madiran, Pachanrec…The restaurant is labelled “Table du Gers”.

Our menus are all about the best Gers products

The chef cooks Noir de Bigorre from Stephanie and Christophe Masson’s farm, Foie gras and magrets from the Patte d’oie farm (the ducks are raised with agroforestry methods), beef and lamb from the butchery Dubertrand, in Maubourguet, organic chicken from Simon Graf’s farm, saffron cultivated in Gers…

Wines and Armagnacs among the best ones in Gascony

Our wine list offers you
to discover Gascony with “Côte de gascogne”,
“Madiran”, “Pacherenc”, and many other origins from the French territory.
Take a look to our wine list, and Armagnacs.

“Once the weather is clear and the temperature is right, you shall eat on the terrace and enjoy a natural environment !”