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Our full course meals

Gascony specialities, and terroir cuisine

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Terroir products, near Marciac.


Half cooked foie gras sautéed, duo, with gingerbread
and fresh fruits : 18€

Salad with molten goat cheese and honey,
with duck breast prosciutto : 14€

Roasted langoustine
and Noir de Bigorre bacon : 22€

Main Dishes

Goose confit from Ramajo farm : 19€

Scallops cooked with French Vermouth “Noilly Prat” : 21€

Beef Tournedos (fillet steak) from our region, with a black pepper sauce or Rossini : 19/24€

Cassoulet from the “Patte d’oie” farm,
for two people : 39€


Dominique Bouchait’s selection of farmer’s cheese : 7€

Lavender Crême brûlée : 6€

Apples and Armagnac Croustade, with vanilla ice cream : 8€

Dessert of the day : 6€

Ice creams and sorbets by Philippe Faur:
2 scoops : 5€ / 3 scoops: 7€

Chocolate cake with a melting chocolate core, with just a brush of salted butter caramel : 8€

Tax and service included